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Sancassiano, an Italian company, was founded in 1962 and it is a privately owned company registering shareholders since 1980. For 40 years Sancassiano has been selling, manufacturing, installing and commissioning mixing systems for the Confectionery and Baked Goods industries.
Located in Piedmont in the North West of Italy at the heart of Langhe, Sancassiano employs 130 people, 25 of whom are responsible for R. & D. and design.
Furthermore, Sancassiano has an 80% controlling stake in a subsidiary company, Sancassiano Elettronica S.r.l., which designs software and hardware for the mixing systems and heads up electronic development. The factory at 1500 m², has 1500 m² of office space and sits in 35,000 m² of land available for further expansion. Sancassiano’s philosophy is to work in close cooperation with the Customer to find the right solution and custom-build a mixing system according to the customer’s needs.Over recent years Sancassiano has presented many new innovative ideas to the marketplace and our current portfolio is the most comprehensive on offer in terms of mixer type, capacity and the level of automation.


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